Nest informatie voor 2010

  KennelVaderMoederGeb. datumReu / Teef
  V.D. Haopertse SnuffelsTollwest Tollchester Turn M′onFaizan03-01-20105 / 2
  V.D.Victoria HofLittleriver′s StreamkeXena Tjebbe v.d.Victoria Hof08-02-20103 / 3
  It′s Dog LatinThe Rhineferry Tales Of Blames LoveIt′s Dog Latin Joska14-02-20104 / 2
  Alliance De La VieHedera′s For AllianceAlliance De La Vie Amitié Mignon15-02-20107 / 0
  Under The Red SkyFirefly′s Are Your DuxinarowMeritable Meagan Under The Red Sky16-02-20105 / 4
  From Cashel ValeRed-Toller′s Arctic FoxCare for Hailey from Cashel Vale21-02-20107 / 0
  V.telgter SprengHutchGispi′s Jittalène V.telgter Spreng22-02-20102 / 3
  From Cashel ValeNarod Aroona at WakaduzeAll About Eve from Cashel Vale08-03-20105 / 2
  Alliance De La VieAlliance de la vie Rubra Canis NolanAlliance de la vie Red Maple Leaf22-03-20101 / 8
  Red Fairy TalesCanagold′s Banja LukaAmber Under The Red Sky30-03-20102 / 5
  Rhineferry′sRhineferry′s Merenque CzardasThe Rhineferry Tales Of Flame31-03-20104 / 3
  From RoEs′ PlaceKrokasmedens DuracellGarnet Winona From RoEs′ Place31-03-20104 / 3
  Salty RiverIt′s Dog Latin Kingston BailleyMiccy uit de Brieltje′s02-04-20104 / 4
  WildfowlersHedera′s For AllianceAlliance De La Vie Wildfowler Angie07-04-20103 / 3
  V.D. Echtinger GriftBono Kralin v.d. Echtinger GriftCadisha Auros v.d. Echtinger Grift16-04-20107 / 1
  Rhineferry′sRedwyn′s Orion at RhineferryRhineferry′s Wishing on the Star19-04-20100 / 4
  Van Obergums HandCylas Of Great PleasureAyla Lasmo V. Obergums Hand20-04-20106 / 3
  Manusia′sShaggy Toller′s Aquila The EagleManusia′s Delay-toula23-04-20102 / 0
  From Nova′s PowerSunlit Holland Ice EllaskeystoneEvita From Amara′s Magic09-05-20100 / 3
  From Amara′s MagicSunlit Holland Ice EllaskeystoneMagical Star Golden Blackberrys11-05-20100 / 1
  Alliance De La VieAlliance de la vie Blue LagoonAlliance de la vie Keep On Blessing13-05-20104 / 2
  Red RiverlandsThorin Ninos V.d. Echtinger GriftRed Riverlands Nuttah Berlin14-05-20104 / 3
  It′s Dog LatinRedwyn′s Orion at RhineferryIt′s Dog Latin Leafs Pepper and Sweet14-05-20106 / 2
  Frá Hreinir-vellerFrickaduck Of Great PleasureFricka Of Great Pleasure20-05-20107 / 1
  Manusia′sGeronimo Of Great PleasureManusia′s Bonny Golden Glory21-05-20100 / 1
  Tantramar′sIt′s Dog Latin Kingston BailleyCanna Dea′s Yucca Authentic Red26-05-20105 / 1
  AchterafHawkeye of Great PleasureManusia′s Gentle Lady-Savannah30-05-20105 / 3
  V.D. Stam De DuffeltIndy Under The Red SkyQilaituaq Myrgu v.d. Echtinger Grift04-06-20102 / 3
  Alliance De La VieWildfowlers Blue Moon For AllianceAlliance Yahzi From The Tollercove13-06-20103 / 2
  Toller From AngelTollwest Fly Free For PleasureAyla Toller From Angel21-06-20103 / 1
  ************************Arco V. Marhé KeMiss Becky Golden Blackberrys23-06-20102 / 3
  From Nova′s PowerSunlit Holland Ice EllaskeystoneExotic Nikita From Nova′s Power29-06-20104 / 2
  V.d. ReestmeanderThorin Ninos V.d. Echtinger GriftLuna Lutim V.d. Echtinger Grift23-07-20103 / 2
  ************************Bonus Sismo v.d. Echtinger GriftHerah of Great Pleasure31-07-20102 / 6
  Quadrupes Fidelis SolisThe Rhineferry Tales Of Rivers GemVanka The Dazzling Duck Dog01-08-20104 / 0
  From RoEs′ PlaceGradicols Gibson From RoEs′ PlaceWorking Beauty′s Brilliant Blaze05-08-20104 / 2
  V.D AmandelgaardMerlin v.d AmandelgaardNebraska v.d Amandelgaard09-08-20104 / 3
  Alliance De La VieDigby Tollers Big PineAlliance de la vie Rubra Canis09-08-20104 / 2
  Alliance De La VieAlliance de la vie Bluff′s PokerAlliance de la vie Banty′s Gillican11-08-20103 / 5
  V.D AmandelgaardO′Conor Spice v.d AmandelgaardKaya v.d Amandelgaard14-08-20104 / 4
  From Nova′s PowerBoston From Nova′s PowerPurdey′s Power Golden Blackberrys18-08-20102 / 6
  ************************Arco V. Marhé KeAnastasia Golden Blackberrys30-08-20104 / 5
  Manusia′sFlaminstar Of Great PleasureManusia′s Adorable-amanda30-08-20103 / 3
  Uit ′t JosperboschEinstein Of Great PleasureBallantyne′s Cove Uit ′t Josperbosch04-09-20105 / 4
  Manusia′sGeronimo Of Great PleasureManusia′s Bella-cheyenne05-09-20105 / 2
  WildfowlersDigby Tollers Big PineWildfowlers Precious Pleasure16-09-20107 / 1
  ************************Flaminstar of Great PleasureTess NHSB 249690319-09-20101 / 3
  Of Red GloryHawkeye of Great PleasureAlliance de la vie Bakarole24-09-20106 / 5
  Canna Dea′sRedwyn′s Orion at RhineferryRiver Nova Arctic Dream08-10-20101 / 4
  From Dyonisus HomeVattubrinkens Vilde Bill HickockJänta Pirta From Roes′ Place11-10-20103 / 3
  V.D. Echtinger GriftAlliance de la vie Rowling′s NaginiAutumn Red Queen′s Perechtinger11-10-20101 / 4
  V.D. Echtinger GriftThorin Ninos v.d. Echtinger GriftRanua Kralin v.d. Echtinger Grift15-10-20104 / 3
  From Cashel ValeBanty-red Rudolfovská SkálaRaindrops On Roses From Cashel Vale17-10-20102 / 4
  AchterafIndy Under The Red SkyGentle Lady Xcenzi Achteraf19-10-20102 / 3
  Rhineferry′sAlliance de la vie Rowling′s NaginiRhineferry′s Name is Diamond Dune27-10-20104 / 3
  ************************Renzo Golden BlackberrysManusia′s Gonny02-11-20105 / 1
  WildfowlersAlliance De La Vie CalypsoAlliance De La Vie Wildfowler Jewel08-11-20103 / 4
  ************************Arco V. Marhé KeMiss Beauty Golden Blackberrys13-11-20102 / 6
  ************************Chas-seur Uit De Brieltje′sNova Uit De Brieltje′s Nhsb 259687315-11-20103 / 4
  Of Stroezel SensationHukleberry of Great PleasureNoah′s Britt of Stroezel Sensation19-11-20105 / 4
  From Nova′s PowerRicardo From Nova′s PowerMiss Pembroke From Nova′s Power07-12-20104 / 3
  Alliance De La VieAlliance de la vie CalypsoAlliance de la vie My Dear Valentine10-12-20102 / 6
  From Red EarthIllusion Luka From Nova′s PowerNew Power From Red Earth18-12-20103 / 3
  V.D.Victoria HofLittleriver′s StreamkeMarcanna Aqua v.d.Victoria Hof20-12-20106 / 1
  V.D.Victoria HofLittleriver′s StreamkeClaire Mare v.d.Victoria Hof24-12-20101 / 2

Informatie van 65 geboren nesten in 2010: Reuen: 228 Teven: 189 Totaal: 417 geboren pups.